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March 2008



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25th Mar, 2008


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9th Mar, 2008

crossed wires and assumptions

Have just let everyone know that Stu and I aren't going on Thursday...seems we may have jumped the gun somewhat and assumed that we were to be part of it. Seems that it was really only intended to be Joolz advanced group that she was a part of that were to be getting together to drum. Easier all round just to not go than to sit wondering if we are upsetting others by being there. Didn't realise that the drum session was an extension of their advanced weekends. Joolz knows we are thinking of her...just thought it would be a positive letting go experience to get everyone together from the original TDF group to drum...never mind...not a problem...

6th Mar, 2008

bit of limbo

Didn't sleep too well last night...up and down and thinking about Joolz and Tasha and the kids. Also felt like I wanted to get together with people who knew her from the drumming course...wanting to drum with them. The Sunday drum circle seems a long way away to do some community drumming...also wondering about it being a public event...thought about getting in touch with Barry to see if  there might be something the TDF might do as far as organising some drumming to celebrate and grieve Joolz. At work at the moment and feeling like I don't want to do much...will just check back here from time to time to see if there's anyone around...

6th Oct, 2007

Dippin my toe back in

Well here I am again...thought I'd check back onto a few forums. Finally feeling like we've settled in though still very very tired most of the time. The sheer joy, amazement and surprise of seeing a garden outside of our windows instead of brick walls has not and I doubt will ever wear off...lovely though still a bit overwhelming. We've had quite a few problems to deal with around the house and have had to pay out a bit to get them put right though they have turned out to not be quite as bad as we expected...thank goodness. 

We went to a Sunday afternoon drum session at the Mill last week and it was great to see lots of familiar faces and have a good old session. Felt regretful that we hadn't gone on to the advanced course especially as the house repairs hadn't been as costly as we thought and we could maybe have scraped enough together. Too late now though I think as the course has already begun and the new group will have drawn up their contracts and bonded together for the the next part. Ah well there you go. Would love to still be involved in some way with the TDF but not sure how...Still mulling over if spirituality fits in as far as therapeutic drumming...don't think I'll ever be able to resolve this and don't know why I'm still thinking about it really.

What an absoloutely gorgeous few days it has been...blue skies, sunshine, cool air on the back of my nose and the trees beginning to turn their beautiful shades of oranges reds and golds...good to be alive.